Tis the season for love and being together with friends and family. However, cancer treatment side effects don’t go away during the holidays, and they can be a challenge for a loved one with cancer who just wants to be present with family. We’ve compiled a list of the best holiday gifts to help your loved one with cancer feel their best during the holidays.



Comfort is essential: Cancer treatment can produce a variety of changes in your body, including bloating, aching stomach pains, neuropathy in your hands and feet, and an overall sense of discomfort. These cozy gifts are sure to help your loved ones feel more at ease:

1) Fuzzy socks and mittens- Neuropathy is a very uncomfortable sensation that affects the extremities especially in cold weather. Some fuzzy socks and mittens will make your loved one feel warm and at home.

2) Snuggly blanket– a blanket is the perfect gift for relaxing at the house or during long hours of chemotherapy. The closest thing to experiencing a warm hug is a blanket.

3) Soothing hot pack– If your loved one is suffering from severe abdominal discomfort because of cancer treatment, a hot pack is a fantastic and useful gift. Nothing compares to a hot pack’s calming sensation. If you want to give your gift a little more individuality, you can find cute and personalized hot packs online.



Entertainment to escape reality: Everyone loves a good book or a show that helps you escape from the everyday stresses of life.

1) A good book- Find your loved one a book they can enjoy and use to escape when waiting at doctor appointment or during their infusion.

2) Streaming Service Gift Card – Give a gift card to a streaming service, like Netflix or HBO Max, so they can enjoy a variety of TV shows and movies. Additionally, you can give a loved one a subscription to a music service, audiobooks, Amazon Prime, and more…



Gift of relief: There are a lot of side effects associated with cancer treatment, making it challenging to spend time with family. This Holiday season, nobody should have to miss out on spending time with their loved ones!


1) Ginger candies- Ginger candies can soothe a person’s mouth if they have sores from therapy or help with nausea. They are also tasty and enjoyable!

2) Hand and nail cream- Regularly moisturizing the skin will help to relieve pain and soreness because radiation and chemotherapy can dry out a person’s skin and can lead to rashes. A fantastic present to ease any irritation would be a moisturizer with a pleasant scent.

3) Essential oils– Essential oils have been demonstrated to support restful sleep and combat stress and anxiety. According to studies, introducing essential oils to cancer patients increases sleep while reducing stress, anxiety, and even nausea.

4) Give the gift of enterade- What if you could help your loved one feel like themselves by helping to tackle their gastrointestinal side effects? enterade is a clinically proven, plant-based medical food that helps to reduce the GI side effects of cancer treatment like diarrhea, nausea, dehydration, and unwanted weight loss. Enterade has been used at over 700 cancer hospitals to help patients get the relief they need so they can go back to living the life they deserve.




Make a gift basket with all the above ideas to create the perfect gift for anyone going through cancer. Ultimately, the time spent with the people you love is the best present for someone with cancer and the gifts above can help to make that time spent even more enjoyable.


Happy Holidays from team enterade


What gift would you recommend giving to someone with cancer? Drop your comment below.







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