If you’ve been diagnosed with a Neuroendocrine and/or Carcinoid tumor- you are probably experiencing diarrhea caused by the tumor itself, its treatment or bacterial overgrowth. Regardless of the cause, diarrhea in NET (Neuroendocrine tumor) patients can dramatically limit your quality of life.

Now there is news from an on-going clinical study with NET patients about an alternative, natural and effective solution to diminish diarrhea by strengthening your digestive tract. Since May 2017, a group of GEPNET (Gastroenteropancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumor) patients have been participating in a study at the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center (MCC). Patients drank 2 bottles of enterade® – a natural, easy to swallow drink – daily along with being on their standard of care medications. After only one week, 76% of the patients reported at least 50% reduction in diarrhea frequency. Several patients were rid of it altogether. As the study moves forward to the next phase, results from more patients are being collected.

Developed by gastroenterologists and oncologists, enterade® Advanced Oncology Formula was specifically designed to rebuild and protect the GI tract that has been damaged by cancer and cancer treatments. enterade® is a patented formula combining scientifically selected amino acids with electrolytes that have been proven to promote healthy cell function, to increase absorption of key nutrients and fluids, and to reduce chloride secretion that can cause and exacerbate diarrhea.

Using enterade® Advanced Oncology Formula, which is available at www.enterade.com or Amazon.com, may help reduce the diarrhea caused from neuroendocrine tumors. If you are interested in more information about how enterade® works, check out this short video.

The University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center (MCC) will continue to share their results over the next several months. The enterade® team will keep you posted!

By enterade®