What Cancer Patients Need to Know About Dehydration and Fatigue

Cancer treatments don’t always include an effective strategy for dealing with the loss of energy that is so prevalent among patients. Since the primary objective is the killing cancer cells, effectively treating the harsh side effects can take a backseat. Patients report digression on their health as a whole primarily because of the debilitating symptoms associated with common cancer treatments. Loss of value nutrients supplied to the body or malabsorption can cause a cascade of unwanted maladies such as: hair-thinning or loss, reduction of sleep quality, weight loss, extreme fatigue and frailty.

What If the Symptoms Could Be Lessened or Relieved Altogether?

Scientists working in areas of supportive cancer care have discovered a proactive solution. Every patient or loved one should understand what is happening to the body and what can be done to help. To clearly illustrate why the body reacts, read below to get a better picture of what actually happens within the GI Tract (gastro-intestinal) itself and how these new advancements work to bring a renewed vitality.

Why Do Traditional Electrolyte Supplements Fail?

Essentially, dehydration is the result of mineral imbalances in the body. The severity can range from slight to severe. Severe dehydration cases can result in hospitalization and much worse if gone untreated. In most cases, an over the counter remedy with ample electrolyte replacements would be sufficient to bring a healthy balance back to the system. HOWEVER, in patients being treated for cancer, the system functions are highly altered and fail to work properly due to damaged counterparts of the GI Tract. These parts become misshaped (blunted) and fail to allow passage of these electrolytes into the system to bring back proper function. Additionally, the main ingredient in a lot of the popular drinks is glucose. Studies have shown that glucose further decreases the barrier function of the GI tract. Hence, the failure of popular drinks.

Advanced Supportive Care Supplementation – How It Works.

Pairing select amino acids along with electrolytes in a unique combination assists the body in two distinct ways: it strengthens and helps repairs the gut barrier which allows for proper absorption of nutrients and it protects the transportation function of the GI system which allows for a complete rehydration response to occur naturally within the body. Revolutionary in kind, this new approach is being utilized to bring patients a way to combat the ugly side effects of traditional cancer treatments. This information isn’t always shared in a medical setting or available without direct knowledge of its existence because of the easily accessed popularity of older electrolyte drinks. Remember to consult your physician with any new changes to your treatment plan and see if this strategy can provide relief and the energy you need.

Disclosure: These are recommendations only. If your side effects are affecting you, it is important to talk with members of your healthcare team.

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