What Oncology Patients Wish You Knew

Digestive disorders have long been an accepted fact of life for patients undergoing cancer treatment. Radiation and chemotherapy effect healthy cells in the GI tract, resulting in gastric distress, including nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Patients often experience extreme discomfort, as well as dehydration, and feel they have little recourse.

Entrinsic Health Solutions is rewriting this frustrating scenario, which has been in play for more than 100 years. Our research into amino acids, partially sponsored by NASA and conducted by physicians at the University of Florida, revealed the critical role that amino acids play in digestive health – and how, in the right combination, they can reduce diarrhea and other symptoms of gastrointestinal toxicity. We also realized that oncology patients, suffering the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy, can gain the most immediate benefits.

Harnessing the power of scientifically selected amino acids, we created enterade®, a medical food beverage comprised of a proprietary, patented blend of amino acids that offers unique transport technology for fluids and electrolytes. It encourages the growth of villi, the tiny, fingerlike projections that line the small intestine and help the body absorb water, electrolytes and nutrients. It is clinically proven to reduce gastrointestinal toxicity and manage diarrhea in oncology patients. In fact, by drinking only two 8-ounce bottles a day, patients report a 78% improvement in their GI side effects from cancer treatment.

Importantly, unlike many “hydration” and sports drinks, enterade® is free of sugar, which can further damage a compromised digestive system, worsening diarrhea and dehydration. It is all-natural, pleasant-tasting, and does not require a prescription.

enterade® is helping a growing number of patients enjoy a better quality of life during cancer treatment, so they can focus on recovery. Oncologists, nurses, dieticians and caregivers are adding enterade® to their integrated treatment plans. Now through January 31, Entrinsic is offering free shipping for the holidays, making it easier for more patients to take control of their GI side effects, and begin to feel more like themselves.

By enterade®