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  • HCP NET Flyer 
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  • Patient NET Flyer 

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Recommended Guidelines for enterade®


Recommended Use

  • For best results, drink enterade® twice daily (on an empty stomach) 30 minutes before or 60 minutes after meals for optimal absorption of the amino acids for a minimum of 7 days.
  • Most patients prefer enterade® chilled or over ice.
  • enterade® should be taken on it’s own and not mixed with any other products.

Proper Storage of sealed enterade bottles

  • Sealed enterade® should be stored in dry ambient temperatures (60ºF – 72ºF is optimal)
  • Never store in direct sunlight
  • Storage above 95ºF (35ºC) could affect the flavor as well as the shelf life of enterade® if exposure is over prolonged periods

Proper Storage of opened enterade bottles

  • Once the seal has been broken, enterade must be refrigerated
  • After being opened, enterade must be used within 48 hours
  • Use as instructed on the label

Expiration Dates

  • The “Best By” date refers to the last day of the month/year recommended that you use the product for the BEST physical and/or sensory quality. It is not an expiration date but rather the date by which we recommend consumption
  • Example: Best By 02/22 means we recommend you drink by Feb 28, 2022 for the best flavor experience
  • Palatability may change over time following the Best By date