IBS-D Mixed Berry 6 Pack

enterade® IBS-D Beverage

Mixed Berry Flavor, 6 Pack of 8 oz. Bottles, $29.99

MULTI-SYMPTOM MANAGEMENT: Specially formulated with a patented blend of plant-based amino acids, electrolytes, and minerals to help manage GI symptoms associated with IBS-D including:

        • Diarrhea
        • Dehydration
        • Bowel urgency
        • Abdominal discomfort

REPLACE FLUID LOSS: Helps replace fluids, electrolytes and minerals lost due to frequent diarrhea. This specific amino acid combination was chosen for its ability to improve fluid, electrolyte, and mineral absorption.

GINGER AND CHAMOMILEenterade® IBS-D also contains chamomile and ginger, known for their soothing properties.

PLANT-BASED: Contains a patented blend of plant-derived amino acids that naturally support and maintain normal digestive function and balance.

LIGHT & REFRESHINGenterade® IBS-D is a light and refreshing drink made with natural flavors. It has a consistency similar to water.  Tastes best when chilled. It is packaged in 8 oz ready-to-drink bottles.

OVER 10 YEARS TO DEVELOP: enterade IBS-D formula originated from a NASA grant to develop solutions to the severe GI side effects caused by deep space travel.  Now this same science has been put to work for IBS-D symptoms.


Talk to your doctor about adding enterade IBS-D to your symptom management plan.