Helping You Manage the
Side Effects of Your Cancer Therapy

Improving the Patient Experience

Many of us have watched loved ones go through the challenges of being treated for cancer. Now that you’ve been diagnosed, you may have concerns about the potential side effects of your course of treatment. Fortunately, there are many new advancements in supportive care that can manage or even reduce some of these side effects that can impact normal GI function.

Entrinsic Health Solution’s mission is to address the critical digestive, nutritional, and hydration related side effects that you may face as a result of cancer treatment. Our focus is supportive care. We are committed to managing and reducing these treatment side effects so that you can feel better, fight back, and remain on necessary therapy.

enterade® is an amino acid-based medical food/beverage, developed by Entrinsic Health Solutions. It is lightly sweetened with stevia leaf extract, with no added sugar. As a medical food, enterade® is intended for the dietary management of GI function related side effects of your cancer therapy. The select amino acids and electrolytes in enterade® provide the nutrients needed to rebuild, and protect the GI tract and deliver total body hydration.

How enterade® Can Help

Superior Absorption & Barrier Health

Cancer and cancer treatment can damage the GI system, causing side effects to occur. GI side effects are the most common of all the physical side effects and can lead you to feel sick, impact your quality of life, and may cause a dose reduction or even discontinuation in your treatment.

Nutrient and Electrolyte Absorption

While chemotherapy and radiation treatments act aggressively on the growing cancer cells, they also target and affect healthy non-cancerous cells. Among these healthy cells are those that are rapidly regenerating. The most sensitive and vulnerable of these cells are found in the GI tract, the mouth, and stomach. A section of the fast growing cells found in the GI tract, that cancer therapy may affect are the villi (lining of the intestine).

The role of villi is to promote absorption. A crucial area in the villi is located on the tip of the fingerlike projections, where glucose is absorbed. In a healthy villi, glucose is used as a transport mechanism to promote proper absorption of nutrients, electrolytes and fluids into the body.

Damaged Villi and Gut Barrier

The image on the left shows the difference between a normal and damaged villi (blunted). The image on the right shows how pathogens and toxins can easily transfer across the cells when gut barrier function is damaged (leaky gut) . Substances ordinarily prevented from entering the body may be allowed to seep in and cause the body to react with an inflammatory response.

However, in patients undergoing the treatment of cancer, the villi may be damaged (blunted) and their absorptive properties are greatly diminished, leading to a reduced absorption of electrolytes, nutrients and fluids. Additionally treatment of cancer can affect crypt cells (stem cells) by decreasing the rate in which they replicate. Blunted villi are unable to absorb glucose-bound nutrients. This results in poor nutrient absorption and dehydration.

The select amino acids in enterade® help to rebuild the damaged villi and increase the number crypt cells thereby enhancing nutrient, electrolyte and fluid absorption.

Gut Barrier Function

In addition, the treatment of cancer can also cause a weakening of the gut barrier function. The barrier between individual cells can break down, causing a gap. Diminished gut barrier function can cause the passage of external toxins/bacteria entering into your body creating local and systemic inflammation which results in the following side effects:

  • Diarrhea
  • Oral Mucositis (painful swelling of the tissue in the mouth)
  • Dehydration
  • Gastritis
The select amino acids in enterade® Advanced Oncology Formula help facilitate proper nutrient absorption and improve gut barrier function, promoting hydration, helping you manage the side effects of cancer therapy.

enterade®delivers improved GI health by rebuilding, protecting and hydrating

Research funded by the National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI, a NASA-funded consortium of institutions)1 showed that specific amino acids, rather than glucose, can increase the body’s absorption of electrolytes during times of stress, including receiving treatments for cancer. Additionally, our research shows that glucose can actually worsen the symptoms causing more diarrhea.

The select amino acids in enterade® can help increase electrolyte absorption completely independent of glucose, which may actually cause an increase of side effects.

Clinical research done with the United States Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine (USAREIM)2 showed that enterade’s® select amino acids, rather and glucose, work to enhance electrolyte and fluid replacement (rehydration) more rapidly leading to total body hydration. enterade® was associated with 40% greater electrolyte recovery, and better fluid retention.

Healthy Villi and Tight Gut Barrier

This image shows an enhanced view of the healthy villi in the GI tract. The image on the right shows how the amino acids in enterade® enhance nutrient absorption and protect the gut, by tightening the gut barrier, supporting healthy immune function.

View of Damaged Gut Barrier vs. Healthy Tight Gut Barrier

The image on the left depicts a view of a gut barrier junction that has not been damaged by the treatment of cancer (normal cell junction). The image in the center shows a view of damaged barrier junction, with a clear gap (where toxins can enter). The image on the right shows the repaired gut barrier junction with a tight barrier after taking enterade®. Note that it is tighter than the image on the left (normal/healthy cell), keeping toxins out and protecting the gut thereby supporting healthy immune function.