Helping Manage the Side Effects of Cancer Therapy

Improving the Patient Experience
Many of us have watched loved ones go through the challenges of being treated for cancer. You may have concerns about the potential side effects caused by the treatment. Fortunately, there are many new advancements in supportive care that can manage or even reduce some of these side effects that can impact normal GI function.

Cancer and the treatment for cancer can damage the GI system, causing side effects to occur. GI side effects are the most common of all the physical side effects impacting your quality of life and may lead to a dose reduction or even discontinuation in treatment.

enterade® is a glucose free, amino acid-based medical food. It is lightly sweetened with stevia leaf extract and natural flavors. As a medical food, enterade® is intended for the management of GI function related side effects of cancer therapy. The select amino acids and electrolytes in enterade® provide the nutrients needed to rebuild and protect the GI tract and deliver total body hydration.

Why do You Sometimes Feel Sick During Cancer Treatment?

Supportive Patient Care

A healthy GI system absorbs nutrients, fluids and electrolytes and keeps out toxins and bacteria that can cause inflammation. Cancer and cancer treatment can damage the GI system, increasing GI side effects that impact quality of life, make you feel sick and can compromise your ability to stay on track with your treatment.

Depending on a variety of factors, you may be more at risk for developing symptoms or side effects. The severity and incidence of GI side effects from receiving treatment for cancer (chemotherapy, radiation or both) are affected by many factors including:

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The Importance of Staying on Treatment

Supportive Care – GI Health
For some people the side effects can be so intense that the decision is made to modify or stop treatment. When side effects occur, it can be difficult to want to continue therapy, but it is important to stay on treatment and discuss these side effects with your healthcare provider. Adding enterade® to your treatment options, may improve how you feel and allow you to stay on track.

What Can You do to Feel Better During Treatment?

Drinking enterade® Throughout Treatment Can Help Reduce and Manage GI Dysfunction
Clinical cancer guidelines recommend maintaining a healthy diet and proper oral hydration to help reduce the chance of developing GI side effects from treatment. Your healthcare provider may also add supportive care medications along with proper diet and hydration. enterade® can help manage and maintain proper GI function while undergoing treatment for cancer, minimizing GI side effects of cancer therapy.

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