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Creating a new normal

August 27th, 2019

After several months of being told I had IBS I ended up in the ER needing 2/3 of my colon removed due to colon cancer. I mean who expects a 100-lb active healthy millennial with no family or genetic predisposition to get colon cancer! Unfortunately more and more healthy people in their 20s and 30s are coming down with cancers that normally occur in older people. After accepting the “s–t happens” attitude I found very little actionable information on how to deal with the fact that I had only 1/3 of my colon to digest food and I had significant diarrhea and weight loss. And honestly, if you are not talking to a medical practitioner, family member or other sick person, there is no one with whom you can talk about diarrhea–not exactly a compelling conversation topic!

Luckily the oncology nutritionist at the UCLA Simms/Mann Center told me about Enterade, which nobody knew anything about. I started drinking one bottle/day and my oncologist and nurses were amazed that despite my diarrhea and weighing only 87 lbs I had no signs of dehydration. I spoke with someone at Enterade who advised me to take two bottles/day and it made a huge difference in my diarrhea. So much so that I put cases of Enterade on my birthday wish list.

I know it is not inexpensive, but it has helped me so very much. I don’t know if I will ever have a normal digestive system, but drinking 2 bottles/day has helped significantly.