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Success Stories
Ability to function

After 7 weeks of chemo and radiation, I was totally unable to swallow and intake any liquids. On the suggestion of the oncology nutritionist I was given samples of enterade® which immediately opened up my ability to drink. The only thing I can drink is cold enterade®. This hydrates me and allows me to swallow food. It is a lifesaver. I will continue to purchase it as long as I need it.

James Andreotti
How enterade® Has Changed My Life!

I just wanted to share how Enterade has and is changing my life and quality of life! I am a nurse by trade and have been for almost 30 yrs. I have been disabled by bouts of diarrhea, twice, that was finally diagnosed as Carcinoid in December 2011. I have been in constant chemo every other week since January 2012. My gut has been so painful at times that I truly wanted to die just to get relief....

Terri Cheak
Helping my GI symptoms after radiation and chemotherapy

I am a 7 year cervical cancer survivor. I wish enterade was around when I was going through my treatment. In addition to my hysterectomy, I went through a month of abdominal radiation everyday in addition to 5 weeks of treatment with Cisplatin. The gastrointestinal side effect of diarrhea was so debilitating that I was unable to work during my treatment even with following the recommended diet....

Easing side effects of chemo treatment

I was given samples of the orange Enterade at my last doctor’s visit from The Florida Cancer Specialists. This product was helpful in hydration since after chemo treatment I had difficulty in drinking anything. It also helped fatigue and nausea. I have placed an order for the next chemo treatment scheduled. Thank you.

William F. Ft Myers FL
Anything that helps my patients get through severe GI issues

Anything that helps my patients get through severe GI issues that so feel is safe to recommend is wonderful. On the other hand, my mother in law has struggled with GI that just get worse as she gets older. Diarrhea issues mostly and we have always struggled to do her something that is not full of sugar or dairy based, still tastes good AND works. I brought her home 4 bottles and by day 2 she ...

Paula Hoshaw
Liquid Miracle

A friend told me about enterade® when I told her I was developing more and more food sensitivities. She kindly ordered me a 24 pack and I tried it as soon as I received it. I ate a meal that made me bloated and uncomfortable. Usually such effects last 24-48 hours. I drank enterade an hour after I finished my meal and within the next hour I could feel my digestive system calming down. Within the...

Bob G
Better days because of drinking enterade®

My name is John Hutson, I am writing this testimonial for my wife, Anna Chalk Hutson. She has been receiving radiation 5x per week, and chemo 1x per week. She has been drinking a bottle within an hour after treatment. After her first day of drinking enterade®, there was a little improvement with her nausea and emesis. After two days of drinking enterade® after radiation and/or chemo she had ve...

John Hutson
Cancer Sucks!

I'm 81 years old and have my third cancer. When I had radiation and chemo for colon and merkel cell carsonoma, one year ago; I wasn't effected by the treatment. Since being diagnosed this past summer with liver cancer and starting chemo again it has knocked me off my feet. I'm always tired, weak, have diarrhea and very bad acid reflux. The PA in my oncologist office told me about enterade® and ...

Rosemarie Milano