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Success Stories
Better days because of drinking enterade®

My name is John Hutson, I am writing this testimonial for my wife, Anna Chalk Hutson. She has been receiving radiation 5x per week, and chemo 1x per week. She has been drinking a bottle within an hour after treatment. After her first day of drinking enterade®, there was a little improvement with her nausea and emesis. After two days of drinking enterade® after radiation and/or chemo she had ve...

John Hutson
Cancer Sucks!

I'm 81 years old and have my third cancer. When I had radiation and chemo for colon and merkel cell carsonoma, one year ago; I wasn't effected by the treatment. Since being diagnosed this past summer with liver cancer and starting chemo again it has knocked me off my feet. I'm always tired, weak, have diarrhea and very bad acid reflux. The PA in my oncologist office told me about enterade® and ...

Rosemarie Milano