enterade® Advanced Oncology Formula

Your partner in Managing the GI Side Effects of Cancer Treatments

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enterade®  Advanced Oncology Formula is Clinically Proven to Help Reduce the Side Effects of Cancer Treatments*

  • 74% Saw Improvement in DIARRHEA 74% 74%
  • 91% saw Improvement in NAUSEA 91% 91%
  • 88% saw Improvement in DEHYDRATION 88% 88%
  • 77% saw Improvement in WEIGHT LOSS 77% 77%

*Luque L, Cheuvront SN, Mantz C, Finkelstein SE (2020) Alleviation of Cancer Therapy-Induced Gastrointestinal Toxicity using an Amino Acid Medical Food. Food Nutr J 5: 216. DOI: 10.29011/2575-7091.100116)

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Set your patients up for success

Are your patients experiencing nausea, diarrhea, dehydration, fatigue, and unwanted weight loss from chemotherapy, radiation treatment, or immunotherapy?

enterade® may be able to help.

enterade® Advanced Oncology Formula is a plant-based medical food that is clinically proven to help decrease the GI side effects of cancer treatments.

When used properly, enterade® can help improve GI symptoms, decrease number of visits to infusion centers, and prevent patients from discontinuing life-saving treatments.

We’re a small company with a big mission: to help bring more patients into remission by reducing the side effects of cancer treatments. We help patients feel better so they can fight harder, continue their course of treatment, and feel like themselves again. That’s a win for you and your patients!

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