enterade® IBS-D Beverage

Flavor: Mixed Berry
Count: 12 Count

VALUE: Provides up to 12-days of use at a better value per bottle than the 6 Pack

REDUCES IBS-D SYMPTOMS: In a groundbreaking clinical study, participants experienced a reduction in Diarrhea, Bowel Urgency and Abdominal Discomfort in just two weeks.

REPLACES FLUID LOSS: Helps replace fluids, electrolytes and minerals lost due to frequent diarrhea.  Rehydrates better than water alone.

NON-PRESCRIPTION, PLANT-BASED BEVERAGE: Specially formulated with a patented blend of plant-based amino acids, electrolytes and minerals.  Add enterade IBS-D to your routine for better symptom control.

LIGHT & REFRESHING: enterade IBS-D is a light and refreshing drink made with natural flavors, chamomile and ginger.  It has the consistency of water.  Tastes best when chilled.

OVER 10 YEARS TO DEVELOP: enterade IBS-D formula originated from a NASA grant to develop solutions to the severe GI side effects caused by deep space travel. Now this same science has been put to work for IBS-D symptoms.

Talk to your doctor about adding enterade IBS-D to your symptom management plan.

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