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In a recent enterade®AO preliminary study, 76% of neuroendocrine tumor patients reported a reduction in diarrhea.

  • enterade®AO a sugar free, drinkable medical food with the consistency of water, is available in vanilla and orange flavors.
  • For the specific dietary management of patients with NETs and carcinoid syndrome, enterade®AO helps restore normal GI function, thereby reducing diarrhea and dehydration, leading to a significant improvement in overall quality of life.
  • enterade®AO is composed of five critical amino acids (Valine, Aspartic Acid, Serine, Threonine, Tyrosine) and electrolytes (Potassium and Sodium).
  • NETs patients who consumed two 8oz bottles of enterade®AO a day, reported a significant reduction of diarrhea in as soon as one week.

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