How enterade® can Help/MOA A2CT

Proprietary A2CT Technology

Utilizing Entrinsic Health Solutions’ Amino Acid Coupled Transport (A2CT) technology, the select amino acids in the enterade® Advanced Oncology Formula help to rebuild the damaged GI structure, protect the mucosal lining, and hydrate the body by repairing the functional ability of the intestine.


  • The select amino acids in enterade’s® Advanced Oncology Formula, rebuild the GI mucosa by increasing the height of the villi and the number of crypt cells.
  • enterade’s® amino acids help to repair the damaged villi and improve the cellular regeneration of the villi and crypt cells, thereby enhancing nutrient, electrolyte and fluid absorption.
  • The A2CT technology promotes proper nutrient absorption, actively transporting the electrolytes and fluids into the body.


  • Select amino acids in enterade’s® Advanced Oncology Formula A2CT support a healthy immune function by tightening the mucosal barrier.
  • enterade’s ® amino acids help to tighten the mucosal barrier, thereby reducing antigenic translocation.


  • enterade® achieves total body hydration, which includes all three fluid compartments (vascular, interstitial, and intracellular).
  • Superior hydration is achieved with the right blend of amino acids that turn up absorption and turn down secretion, thus maximizing net hydration.