Unless otherwise required by law, return of Entrinsic Health Solutions products will be handled in accordance with this Return Policy effective May 10, 2017.

Return Authorization is required to return Entrinsic Health Solutions products. Product returns will not be accepted without a Return Authorization form and a refund will only be issued if it is within the terms of the return policy. Return Authorizations expire twenty (20) days from date issued.

Return Authorization may be obtained by emailing your request to info@entrinsichealth.com

Returnable Items

The following products purchased in the US are returnable for returned goods credits (as applicable) with prior approval:

A. Product purchased price, in the original manufacturer’s consumer packaging and bearing the original manufacturer’s label, within 7 days of receipt of product.

B. All products must be returned to Entrinsic Health Solutions with the assigned Return Authorization number clearly marked on outside of box to be considered for credit. On all product returns you are responsible for arranging shipment of the product back to Entrinsic Health. You may use UPS, FedEx or any other ground parcel carrier of your choice.

C. Products received damaged or expired may be returned for credit or replacement when reported in writing to
Entrinsic Health Solutions within 7 days of receipt or product.

Nonreturnable Items (no credit will be issued)

All products other than those listed above shall be deemed non-returnable. Non-returnable products include, without limitation:

    1. In-date product (product with more than 2 months expiration dating remaining).

    2. Packages containers with labels added to or removed from original manufacturers package containers

    3. Repackaged product

    4. Product that has been in a fire, clearance or bankruptcy

    5. Product sold on “non-returnable” terms or nonreturnable per a customer contract

    6. Products received and held by the customer greater than 7 days.

    7. Merchandise purchased or otherwise obtained in violation of any federal, state or local law or regulation

    8. Merchandise destroyed or damaged from causes such as fire, water, tornado, or other catastrophe and merchandise that has otherwise deteriorated due to conditions occurring after shipment and beyond the control of Entrinsic Health Solutions such as improper storage or handling, heat, cold, smoke, and so forth.

    9. No partials will be accepted for credit with the exemption of the States that regulate returned goods. Partial goods include broken safety seals either inside or outside of each package container.

    10. Products destroyed off-site or otherwise that have not been returned to Entrinsic Health Solutions.

    11. Products returned with illegible or missing lot number and/or expiration date

    12. Batched returns without corresponding customer detailed for reimbursement

Procedure for Returning Items

All returnable products must be returned to Entrinsic Health Solutions at the following address:

Entrinsic Health Solutions.
Attn: Returned Goods
500 River Ridge Dr., Suite 100 Norwood, MA 02062

Returns of Entrinsic Health Solutions products must include a packing list containing the following information:

  • Name and address of facility returning product

  • Wholesaler or customer name and address

  • Phone Number

  • Quantity returned, lot number, and expiration date of each

  • Wholesaler Reference number

  • Reason for return

    All returns shall be made in compliance with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations. All charges associated with processing and destruction of returned goods by Entrinsic Health Solutions-approved returned goods service contractor shall be paid by Entrinsic Health Solutions All other charges (i.e. transportation, processing fees) charged by any third party shall be the responsibility of the customer and shall not be reimbursed by Entrinsic Health Solutions. Entrinsic Health Solutions products returned outside these policy guarantee with not be retuned and no credit will be issued.


    1. Reimbursement will be issued based on the price at the time of purchase

    2. No credit will be issued for partials

    3. Credit of reimbursement will not be issued for product destroyed by customer or third parties

    4. A 20% restocking fee will be charged for all product returns.

    *Returned Good Policy is subject to changes