enterade® Success Stories

“Liquid Miracle”

A friend told me about enterade® when I told her I was developing more and more food sensitivities. She kindly ordered me a 24 pack and I tried it as soon as I received it. I ate a meal that made me bloated and uncomfortable. Usually such effects last 24-48 hours. I drank enterade an hour after I finished my meal and within the next hour I could feel my digestive system calming… (more…)

Bob G

“How enterade helped my nausea”

My niece bought the product for me.I live in Colombia and was getting chemotherapy for a cancer in my tongue. Before using the enterade, my nausea and mucositis post-chemo were unbearable, and my sickness lasted more than 8 days after each cycle. After trying enterade, my nausea slowly faded away and my mucositis was less severe.  (more…)

Manuel M

“Helping my GI symptoms after radiation and chemotherapy”

I am a 7 year cervical cancer survivor. I wish enterade was around when I was going through my treatment. In addition to my hysterectomy, I went through a month of abdominal radiation everyday in addition to 5 weeks of treatment with Cisplatin. The gastrointestinal side effect of diarrhea was so debilitating that I was unable to work during my treatment even with following the recommended diet. I drank different electrolyte replacement drinks but they didn’t help… (more…)


“Anything that helps my patients get through severe GI issues”

Anything that helps my patients get through severe GI issues that so feel is safe to recommend is wonderful. On the other hand, my mother in law has struggled with GI that just get worse as she gets older. Diarrhea issues mostly and we have always struggled to do her something that is not full of sugar or dairy based, still tastes good AND works… (more…)

Paula Hoshaw

“I’d recommend enterade to anybody that is having radiation therapy”

I am on radiation therapy. The radiation was really messing with my digestive system. My oncology doctor recommended this enterade. It has definitely helped me with my digestive system. It has also given me energy to be able to continue my exercise on my bicycle… (more…)

George P

“It did help!”

When using a feeding tube I sometimes experienced an upset stomach. When using enterade, I did not experience this and felt like I had more energy.

Don D

“Two cancers and still going”

I just recovered from an aggressive lymphoma and found out I had renal cell. My taste was off and I could not eat much. I was losing weight and dehydrated. One of my providers gave me some enterade to try – (more…)

Samuel C

What a Relief!

enterade® has made a huge difference in my after chemo treatment. I use to become dehydrated, have diarrhea, and become overall sick. Since taking enterade®, I have felt a huge difference.


Susan W

Enterade…a Real Coping Tool!

In January of 2016, I was diagnosed with lung cancer…both lungs. Chemo began in February. At this moment, I am involved in a Research Study for a new cancer drug. My oncologist introduced me to Enterade to help cope with the effects of chemo; I am grateful and happy to report these results.


Zona Gale Burkhead