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My name is John Hutson, I am writing this testimonial for my wife, Anna Chalk Hutson. She has been receiving radiation 5x per week, and chemo 1x per week. She has been drinking a bottle within an hour after treatment. After her first day of drinking Enterade, there was a little improvement with her nausea and emesis. After two days of drinking Enterade after radiation and/or chemo she had very l

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  1. How did you deal with your side effects from treatment?
  2. How did enterade® help you go back to your normal routine?
  3. How did enterade® help you manage your diarrhea?
  4. How did enterade® help hydrate your body?
  5. What was the best thing about discovering enterade®?
  6. How has your life changed after using enterade®?

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