I just wanted to share how Enterade has and is changing my life and quality of life! I am a nurse by trade and have been for almost 30 yrs. I have been disabled by bouts of diarrhea, twice, that was finally diagnosed as Carcinoid in December 2011. I have been in constant chemo every other week since January 2012. My gut has been so painful at times that I truly wanted to die just to get relief. My oncologist at UK’s Markey Cancer Center has been aggressive in seeking treatment options for me. I have been to Bringham and Women’s in Boston as well as Cleveland Clinic…

and received excellent care there also but the most effective treatment yet for my stomach, and most dramatic has been Enterade! I had almost an immediate improvement after 1 full day of therapy. I have actually had formed stool since day 2.5 and my nails are no longer splitting, flacking, and ripping! The pain I have lived with for so long has been reduced to an annoyance and though I still flush frequently and have multple bowel movements a day, they are no longer liquid and watery.

I have had no normalcy since first becoming ill until receiving this medical food! As a former researcher, I am encouraged and excited to see this therapy branch out out to non-oncology diagnosies. I see a bright future for patients, families, and your company. My hopes are to continue therapy and enjoy the benefits and share with others the dramatic benefits gained by using your product.


Terri Cheak

Terri L. Cheak RN M.B.A.

Terri Cheak