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helps manage gastrointestinal (GI) dysfunction from the treatment of cancer

enterade® is a glucose-free medical food that provides select amino acids and electrolytes.

Side Effects enterade® can manage:

  • Diarrhea secondary to treatment of cancer
  • Dehydration
  • Weight Maintenance
  • Malaise/Fatigue
  • General GI symptoms

Supportive Care:
Our goal is to help reduce as early as possible the GI side effects caused by cancer or cancer treatments. enterade® promotes GI health, improving how you feel.

Our Partners

Success Stories


Helped with Short Bowel

I’ve been struggling with diarrhea and dehydration for the past year after being diagnosed with Short Bowel Syndrome. I can only drink oral rehydration solutions and Enterade has been the best so far. I ordered the vanilla flavor and it was surprising tasty. I could tell a difference in my symptoms just after a few days. Will definitely reorder. Looking forward to trying the orange flavor.


The only product that helped me

I had a hard time with any type of drink. My sensitivity to smell and taste made me very nauseous. I couldn’t digest sugars, and this drink helped me combat the dehydration I was dealing with along with the diarrhea. I had a large section of small intestine and half of my large intestine removed, this makes it difficult for me with the digestion of a wide range of things. The drink really helped me during my treat...

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