The first plant-based medical food that is clinically proven to help reduce the GI side effects of chemotherapy, radiation treatment, and immunotherapy.

Clinically Demonstrated Benefits*


Improvement in



Improvement in Dehydration


Improvement in Diarrhea


Improvement in Weight Loss

*Luque L, Cheuvront SN, Mantz C, Finkelstein SE (2020) Alleviation of Cancer Therapy-Induced Gastrointestinal Toxicity using an Amino Acid Medical Food. Food Nutr J 5: 216. DOI: 10.29011/2575-7091.100116)

This stuff works wonders.

I’m undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, and when I tried a sample of this given to me by my nutritionist, I was so happy! Even bottled water tasted gross but this enterade was wonderful. It totally quenched my thirst relieving my dry mouth. It also aided with my diarrhea and calmed my stomach.

enterade saved me

I have a good friend going through chemo and she told me about enterade. She told me I had to get it because it would change my entire experience. With all the side effects of chemo, I was hesitant at first because I was so sick and thought nothing was going to help with my diarrhea and nausea. Boy was I wrong! This drink has saved my life. I started and within a few days I was feeling so much better.

Meet enterade®

For so many of us, the fight against cancer is personal. We’ve held the hands of our loved ones as they persevere through treatment. We’ve marched into battle ourselves, facing the unknowns of chemotherapy, immunotherapy, or radiation treatment: literally stomaching the side effects, until they grew to be too much.

Treatment options have evolved tremendously over the past few years but managing the side effects of those treatments continued to be a pain point for millions of patients.

We knew we needed to change that.

enterade® is the first plant-based medical food that is clinically proven to reduce the gastrointestinal side effects of chemotherapy. immunotherapy, and radiation treatment.

Nothing is more important than helping you stay on course with your treatment because when you feel better, you can fight harder.

Four Published, Peer Reviewed Clinical Trials Completed by


While cancer treatments are highly effective in targeting bad cells, they also damage good cells within the stomach and gut resulting in severe GI distress. We’ve dedicated years of research to developing a formula that combats those negative effects.

enterade® works with the body’s natural healing systems, using a unique blend of plant based amino acids, to not only repair the damage to those good cells caused by chemotherapy and radiation, but to help protect against any additional damage.

Back by clinical studies, 40,000 successful treatments, and thousands of testimonials, we’re on a mission to help bring more people into remission by reducing the adverse effects of cancer treatment.


Water, amino acids blend, natural flavor, sodium chloride, sodium citrate, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, stevia leaf extract

Proprietary Amino Acid Blend:

L-Aspartic Acid, L-Valine, L-Serine, L-Threonine, L-Tyrosine

Directions for Use

enterade® is formulated to be used leading up to, during, and post treatment while symptoms last.


  • Drink one bottle of enterade® twice per day on an empty stomach (at least 30 minutes before or 60 minutes after consuming food or drink)
  • Do not mix enterade® with any other food or drink
  • Refrigerate after opening

Most people report improvement in symptoms after 3 to 4 days of continued use and significant improvement after 7 days of continued use



Cancer treatments can damage the gut villi, which play a vital role in nutrient absorption. The damage to the villi is the reason why many patients lose weight while undergoing treatment.

enterade® helps to rebuild the villi to promote better nutrient absorption so you can maintain a healthy weight throughout your course of treatment.


Cancer treatments can damage the gut barrier, creating gaps that allow harmful toxins and bacteria to enter the bloodstream. These toxins cause symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea, and fatigue.

enterade® helps to close the gut barrier and protect your already compromised system from increased exposure to toxins so you can feel better and fight harder.


Cancer treatments often lead to dehydration.

Developed with HydroActive Technology®, enterade® is specially formulated to rehydrate the body better than water.


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